• Commit a crime
  • To be accused of a crime
  • To be caught and taken to the police station
  • Arrest sb for a crime
  • Charge sb with a crime
  • Take sb to court
  • Give evidence
  • Find sb guilty
  • Acquit sb of a crime ->
  • Convict sb of a crime ->
  • Send sb to prison for ten years
  • Sentence sb to ten years in prison
  • Fine sb 200€
  • Crime
    • Major crime
    • Minor crime
    • Violent/non-violent crime
    • Gang-related crime -> crimen de bandas
    • Drug-related crime -> crimen de drogas
    • Organised crime -> crimen organizado
    • Cyber crime
    • Property crimes/crimes agains property
    • Economic crimes
    • Enviromental crimes
    • Crime-ridden (con altas tasas de criminalidad)
      • A crime-ridden city/neighbourhood/slums/areas
    • A crime spree -> ola de delitos
    • Go on a crime spree -> cometer una ola de delitos
    • crime wave -> ola de delitos
    • Increase in crime
    • Decrease in crime
  • To examine a witness
  • To cross-examine a witness
  • to hold in custody
  • to announce a veredict
  • To give testimony

  • To be disguised as -> estar disfrazado como

  • Innocent until proven guilty
  • Behind barrs
  • serve time
  • to serve a prison sentence -> cumplir una condena/una pena de cárcel
  • to do a runner
  • to be caught red-handed -> ser cogido con las manos en la masa
  • in cold blood
  • to be on the run
  • to face the music
  • to cover your tracks
  • to get away with murder
  • to do something under the table
  • to do something by the book

  • To be held up: To be robbed at gun point inside

  • Crimes
      Arson (incendio provocado) Arsonist Commit arson
      Blackmail (chantaje) Blackmailer To blackmail
      Bribery (soborno) - To bribe
      Burglary (robo en una casa) Burglar To break in/ to burglarize
      Delinquency (delincuencia) Delinquent  
      Drug dealing (tráfico de drogas) Drug dealer To sell drugs
      Felony (delito grave) Felon (delincuente - de mayor cuantía)  
      Forgery (falsificación) Forger To forge
      Fraud (fraude) Fraudster To commit fraud
      Hijacking (secuestro aéreo) Hijacker To hihack
      Kidnapping (secuestro) Kidnapper To kidnap
      Looting (saqueo) Looter Loot
      Mugging (atraco callejero) Mugger (atracador) To mug
      Murder (asesinato) Murderer To murder
      Pickpocketing (hurto de carteristas Pickpocket (carterista) To Pickpocket
      Robbery (robo a mano armada - en bancos, etc) Robber To rob
      Shoplifting (hurto en tiendas) Shoplifter Shoplift
      Smuggling (contrabando) Smuggler To smuggle
      Terrorism (terrorismo) Terrorist Terrorise/ To set off bombs, etc
      Theft /Thievery/Thieving (robo) Thief (thieves) To steal
      Vandalism (vandalismo) Vandal Vandalize
      Stalking Stalker Stalk

  • A hold up -> Atraco a mano armada
  • Offence -> falta, delito
  • Drug cultivation
  • Hate crime
  • Foul-play -> juego sucio
    • The police suspect foul play (la policía sospecha que se trata de un crimen).
  • Crook -> ladrón, maleante
  • Witness -> testigo
  • Perpetrator -> autor, responsable (de un delito)
  • smash-and-grab (raid)
  • Prosecutor -> Someone who conducts a case against a defendant, representing a victim or group of victims. Often a public official.
  • Defense lawyer -> An attorney specializing in the defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal conduct.
  • Public defender -> an attorny employed by the state to represent a defendant who cannot afford legal assistance
  • Common law system
  • Civil law system
  • Assault
  • Tax evasion
  • Jaywalking -> Imprudencia  al cruzar la calle
  • Speeding
  • Community service
  • Life imprisonment
  • Capital punishment
  • Educational programs
  • Psychological treatment in prisons
  • Deterrent
  • To plead /pliːd/:
    • to plead sb's cause ⇒hablar por algn, interceder por algn
    • to plead sb's case ⇒(law) defender a algn en juicio
    • ⇒(as defendant) presentar declaración
    • ⇒(as barrister) abogar
      • how do you plead?⇒ ¿cómo se declara el acusado?
      • to plead guilty/not guilty⇒ declararse culpable/inocente
  • To appeal -> apelar
  • To release on bail -> dar la libertad bajo fianza
  • To announce a veredict
  • To give testimony
  • Other useful vocabulary
    • Gavel
    • Handcuffs
    • Subpoena /səbˈpiːnə/ -> citación
      • ⇒ to serve sb with a subpoena, ⇒ serve a subpoena on sb enviar una citación a algn
    • To subpoena -> citar
      • to subpoena sb to do sth⇒ citar a algn para hacer algo
    • Burden of proof
    • to sue
    • Alibi
    • Warrant
    • Solicitation
  • Deviant behaviour
  • Law-abiding -> cumplidor de la ley, decente

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