Bienvenid@ al TEST DE NIVEL de la academia LondonEye.

En las siguientes páginas tendrás que responder a una serie de preguntas sobre vocabulario, gramática y listening.

Nombre y apellidos

_____ is the chemist?

Why _____ you going home?

_____ you think English is easy?

_____ do you come from?

_____ you like a cup of coffee?

I _____ been to Ireland yet.

I _____ play the piano and the violin.

Tom doesn't know _____ wrote the letter.

_____ you eaten your dinner?

I _____ walking in the park when it started to rain.

_____ do you go to work? On foot.

I bought this car three weeks _____.

How _____ do you think you'll study here for?

How many exercises _____ you done so far?

I like pizza very _____.

Does David live with you? No, he _____.

Lisa is _____ intelligent than his brother.

Liverpool is a _____ football team than Manchester United.

Have you _____ to Thailand?

I can't remember what the teacher looks _____.

I studied _____ three years at Trinity University.

I _____ realised she was your sister, sorry!

How _____ do you weigh?

Don't talk to me. It _____ been a very hard day.

_____ you homework!

_____ you like to go to the seaside this weekend?

A: "I´m exausted!"

B: "_____ am I."

I can't play football now, but I _____ when I was younger.

If you could meet anyone, who _____ you choose?

Finbar has _____ writing poetry ever since his parents died.

If you are late again, I´m sure you _____ be dismissed.

Jennifer has _____ working very late at the office recently.

If I ____ known the answer I would´ve got a better mark in the exam.

Paper _____ made from wood.

You must _____ me to buy Anne a present, or I'll forget.

A: "I often go to Hastings."
B: "Really? So _____ I."

The gold necklace was _____ expensive for me to buy, so I bought the silver one.

I want to know what happened, so please _____ me the truth.

Sarah lives _____ the eleventh floor of a block of flats.

A: "Have you still got that cold?"
B: "No, I _____ ill last week, but I'm better now."

A: "When _____ you move to Seville?"
B: "Last year."

If you go abroad, you _____ carry your passport with you.

What is your friend _____?

Bill Gates is the _____ man in the world.

Jennie _____ to pass her exams to get into university.

Jim really _____ go to the dentist about his teeth, but he won't.

If you wait for a moment, _____ drive you to work.

Can you switch _____ the light? It's getting dark.

Where _____ that man I met yesterday from?

The sky is dark. There _____ be heavy rain this afternoon.

Anthony isn't as tall _____ his sister.

What time _____ you leave the night club last night?

This is a difficult exercise, so _____ your time doing it.

I'm _____ to take a skiing holiday in Switzerland this winter.

I _____ talk to him right now, if I were you.

Would you _____ if I opened the door?

_____ Jill had her baby yet?

I went _____ to the city centre yesterday and bought lots of nice things.

There isn't _____ wine left. Someone drank the last bottle.

I do think you _____ to wear a coat if you go out tonight. It's going to freeze.

Don't call me before 10.00pm, as I'll be _____ a rugby match on TV.

If I _____ realised you were tired, I'd have slowed down.

Do you _____ if I smoke?

A: "What's this key _____?"

B: "It's the key to the garage."

If Jane hadn't been late, she _____ have missed the exam.

After no-one bought tickets to the party, we had to call it _____.

It's no use _____. He never listens anyway.

If I cook dinner, will you wash _____?

She's a model now, but when she was young she _____ to be very plain.

At university I had to put _____ with loud music from my next door neighbour every night.

James walked to work, as he _____ recently sold his car.

Martha felt ill after she ate the seafood and so _____ Carl.

I wish I _____ find those old photos from school to show you.

I don't know where Bill is. He _____ have been here by this time.

The aeroplane _____ invented by the Wright brothers.

I'm neither more intelligent _____ less intelligent than my sister.

Can I have a return ticket to Bristol? Do you have _____ for a £50 note?

_____ John calls soon, I'm going to call him.

Here. Give me a _____ with this ladder, would you? It's a bit heavy.

Helen _____ her windows cleaned yesterday.

A: "Would you like a glass of wine?"

B: "I'd _____ have beer if you have some."

It's time we _____, John.

Andrea would rather _____ eat those vegetables.

A trolley is a thing in supermarkets for keeping the things you buy _____.

It costs much _____ to fly than it used to, because of all the low cost airlines around.

If you _____ eaten so much when you were young, you wouldn't be fat now.

I'll never forget _____a bicycle for the first time.

_____ the time you read this, I'll be flying to Rio de Janeiro.

I'd rather you _____ smoke in here, if you don't mind.

If you want to come tonight, give me a call. If _____, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

If you don't study harder, you _____ the risk of failing the exam.

Jerry _____ better hurry, or he'll miss the plane.

No _____ which way I try to sleep, my back gives me pain.

If _____ I hadn't bought so many things, I'd have some money now.

Tests _____ carried out on this substance should determine its origin.

It _____ a long time to drive to Scotland from London.

You _____ have seen Peter; he's dead!

At no time _____ I suspect he was a thief.

The fierce snake, _____ venom is extremely toxic, is found in Eastern Australia.

This conversation is useless. We're just going round in a _____circle.


Ahora escucha los audios un máximo de dos veces y trata de responder correctamente a las preguntas.

What was the weather like when the holiday began?

Your new question!

You hear a message on a telephone answering machine.

Why is the speaker calling?

You hear two people talking about a water-sport centre.

The man says the centre should...

You hear two people talking about a programme they saw on TV.

The woman thinks the programme was...

Elige una opción en 1 y otra opción en 2 (2 opciones en total)

You overhear two friends discussing a new film, which is based on a novel.

Elige 1 opción entre las opciones numeradas como 1 y otra opción entre las numeradas como 2
You hear two friends talking about what is known as a pay-what-you-want restaurant, which has no fixed prices

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