Visit relatives

Visitar familiares

Have a lie-in

Quedarse en la cama hasta tarde

Lie-ins are one of the best things about weekends

Go to concerts/gigs

Ir a un concierto

Our band has a gig next weekend.

Chat to friends online

Charlar con amigos por internet

I chat to my friends online every weekend.

Have a quiet night in

Pasar una noche tranquila en casa

I was really tired, so I decided to have a quiet night in.

Meet up with friends

Quedar con los amigos

Hang out with friends

Pasar el rato con los amigos

Go to art galleries

Ir a galerías de arte

Do exercise

Hacer ejercicio

They do exercise every morning.

Go hiking

Hacer senderismo

Have people round for dinner

Tener invitados para cenar

We are having people round for dinner next weekend.

Go out for a drink

Salir a tomar algo